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Polar Bear Issues SOS

Posted by Trey Smith on October 26, 2009


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Climate SoS Tour Report — Day 8

Posted by Trey Smith on September 13, 2009

from Duff Badgley

We did it! We’re 7 for 7. And we’ve got a 2-fer.

Our Arkansas SOS organizer, Donna Shade, succeeded in getting us a meeting with the lone holdout for our Heartland Tour–Senator Mark Pryor of AR. I had tried many times to get this meeting, but was shut out. Donna’s success show the undeniable strength of local, constituent activists.

Now, we will meet Pryor’s State Director in the same 9/15 session we had previously scheduled with Senator Blanche Lincoln’s State Director. This could be a powerful gathering. We’re meeting with both staffs. And Lincoln is now the chair of the climate-crucial Senate Agriculture Committee.

But Donna did not stop with this success. She has also set two grassroots organizing events for Susan and me to attend in and around Little Rock. And she is trying to get interviews with me on local radio shows–plus sending our press release out to state media outlets. She also wants for her Jonesboro group some of the SOS banners I have been carrying across the country.

Donna’s SOS activism fulfills the initial vision for the Tour: spark local activists to help us KILL THE BILL, demand tough science-based climate laws and carry on after after the Tour leaves. THANK YOU, DONNA!

Tim Krueger is organizing Cleveland for SOS in the same way. He has arranged for a group of Ohioans–mostly college students–to come with us to the 9/17 meeting with Senator Sherrod Brown’s staff. Tim came to us by way of Mattie Leitman in Columbus, OH who came to us by way of Mike Ewall of D.C. and Philly. Nice national network emerging here.

The Cleveland meeting with Brown will sit a number of fresh-eyed young activists at the table to lobby for the beleaguered planet they are inheriting. I find this enormously hopeful. Young folks will be battling for climate laws that can work for all creatures–not just the polluting elite. Hopeful, hopeful.

I’m pumped and grateful–to Donna, to Tim, To Mattie, to Mike…to SOS.

Arkansas, here we come! Train leaves at dawn. Gets into Little Rock Monday at 3am. (ach!)

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