Greener Times

Promoting a sustainable society…one day at a time.

About GT

Greener Times (GT) was launched in April 2006 as the official e-zine of the Green Party of Washington State (GPoWS).   In October 2008, GT went independent.  While we still plan to cover some Green Party-related news and information, we will focus more attention on the one issue that touches everybody’s life regardless of who you are or where you live — the environment.

GT is published by the Greener Times Collective: Maryrose Asher, former Chair of the GPoWS; Duff Badgley, climate change activist and the 2008 GPoWS candidate for Governor; Tom Herring, Town Councilman for Vashon, WA; and Trey Smith, former State Treasurer for GPoWS and the Pacific Green Party of Oregon.

You can now access GT in two different ways: 1) Online or 2) Subscribe to the email version (one email per week).

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