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December 27 – January 3

Posted by Trey Smith on December 27, 2009

Greener Times for the Week of December 28 – January 3
Volume 4 No. 37
an e-publication for Greens anywhere and everywhere

Greener Times Collective: Maryrose Asher, Duff Badgley, Tom Herring and Trey Smith (Editor)

In This Week’s Issue
* For Your Consideration…
* Thoughts By the Way: The 2010 Elephant
* Our Climate Crisis: Two Heads of the Hydra
* From Where I Stand: The Central – and at times lethal – Contradiction in Modern Law Enforcement
* This Week in History
* Pencil Shavings: What to Do?

For Your Consideration…
Plants and Animals Race for Survival as Climate Change Creeps Across the Globe
Global warming creeps across the world at a speed of a quarter of a mile each year, according to a new study that highlights the problems that rising temperatures pose to plants and animals. Species that can tolerate only a narrow range of temperatures will need to move as quickly if they are to survive. Wildlife in lowland tropics, mangroves and desert areas are at greater risk than species in mountainous areas, the study suggests…

The Rational Case For ‘Kill The Bill’
It’s important though, to note, that the Howard Deans and Jane Hamshers of the world neither want LITERALLY to destroy President Barack Obama’s domestic agenda in a fit of ideological pique, nor do they want to consign millions of uninsured Americans to their deaths. In fact, they desire the opposite: more Americans safely insured, and more electoral success for Democrats — the kind that comes when Democrats actually keep their promises. You want to talk about people who are, in fact, high on drugs? Let’s talk about the Democratic strategists and their journalistic enablers who believe letting down the base is a good thing…

For Obama, No Opportunity Is Too Big to Blow
Contrary to countless reports, the debacle in Copenhagen was not everyone’s fault. It did not happen because human beings are incapable of agreeing, or are inherently self-destructive. Nor was it all was China’s fault, or the fault of the hapless UN. There’s plenty of blame to go around, but there was one country that possessed unique power to change the game. It didn’t use it. If Barack Obama had come to Copenhagen with a transformative and inspiring commitment to getting the U.S. economy off fossil fuels, all the other major emitters would have stepped up. The EU, Japan, China and India had all indicated that they were willing to increase their levels of commitment, but only if the U.S. took the lead. Instead of leading, Obama arrived with embarrassingly low targets and the heavy emitters of the world took their cue from him. (The “deal” that was ultimately rammed through was nothing more than a grubby pact between the world’s biggest emitters: I’ll pretend that you are doing something about climate change if you pretend that I am too. Deal? Deal…)

Compulsory Private Health Insurance: Just Another Bailout for the Financial Sector?
The health reform bills now coming through Congress are not focused on how to make health care cheaper or more effective, how to eliminate waste and fraud or how to cut out expensive middlemen. As originally envisioned, the public option would have pursued those goals. But the public option has been dropped from the Senate bill and radically watered down in the House bill. Rather than focusing on making health care affordable, the bills focus on how to force people either to buy health insurance if they don’t have it, or to pay more for it if they do. If you don’t have insurance and don’t purchase it, you will be subject to a hefty fine. And if you do purchase it, premiums, co-pays, co-insurance payments and deductibles are liable to keep health care cripplingly expensive. Most of the people who don’t have health care can’t afford to pay the deductibles, so they will never use the plans they are forced to buy…

The Coming Climate Panic?
One morning in the not too distant future, you might wake up and walk to your mailbox. The newspaper is in there and it’s covered with shocking headlines: Coal Plants Shut Down! Airline Travel Down 50 Percent! New Federal Carbon Restrictions in Place! Governor Kicked Out of Office for Climate Indolence! The only thing your bath-robed, flip-flopped, weed-eating neighbor wants to talk about over the fence isn’t the Yankees, but, of all things … climate change. Shaking your head, you think: What just happened?…

Thoughts By the Way: The 2010 Elephant
Tom Herring is a former Vashon Island Community Council member, but now chooses to sort nails in his shop. Catch more of Tom’s thoughts on his blog.

There is an elephant in the room with its scat on the floor, yet talk is constrained to the merits of this or that way to clean up. This metaphor will serve to get me over a case of writer’s block, so please allow its moderate use. Before commenting on the myopia, let’s listen in. Health care has been modeled after car insurance which means its purpose is repair. Therefore the Senate bill is a step in the wrong direction and is not worth scat. Climate measures so demanded by the poor, low countries have been brushed off chiefly by US intransigence which, in turn, has boxed in China. War is the only theatre of action in which the US is exerting, ah, leadership. As Iraq lies prostrate, the oil companies move in for the kill. Pakistan, already racked by tension with India, is being bombed by US drones. Afghanistan has acquired a super war lord in US uniform disbursing uncounted funds in an effort to establish control for its favored natural gas pipeline route, the TAPI. Iran is the remaining independent oil resource which puts it in line for the next US offensive. Militarization of Africa and Colombia proceeds apace. Financial regulation is being written by the ghosts of Wall Street now ensconced in the government.

The cleanup crews are chasing symptoms. Examples range from the major concerns just noted and disasters like the Dr Tiller murder, to the naïve, like opposing wolf hunts or promoting gay rights legislation. If you accept that critical areas of concern are not improving, you will agree that a major cause is lack of focus: the elephant is bigger and stronger than any coalition so far, and ever likely to be, under the present desperate strategy of scattered crews going after scat.

Here then: Something with the strength of an elephant is killing America’s avatar, yet Americans don’t see it. Blind, we flail at shadows.

And off we go. The elephant quite obviously is the globalized version of Eisenhower’s Complex and, as night follows day, it follows that the United States must disarm. You got it, disarming has to precede burying the money establishment, or gaining climate control, or single payer health care. Secondly, the message has to penetrate the Pentagon like that fabled 9/11 flight. Some details in these regards follow.

Disarm the ICBMs, return the warheads to their elemental components, and fill their 450 silos with cow manure. Scrap the bombers and fighters and, after elementing their nuclear tips (see foregoing), scrap the Tridents. Scrap the Navy and the Air Force. Scrap the tanks, drones, and helicopter gunships. Destroy the biological, chemical, white phosphorous, napalm, land mine, and sonic weapons. Cancel all sales of war materiel overseas. Close the School of the Americas. Immediately begin ordered retreat of uniformed and mercenary personnel from all overseas military bases. Empty the black prisons. Schedule closure of all bases in the US and turn national defense over to the National Guards. Institute two years of compulsory national service for all males.

“Disarm” mutual distrust and dislike between factions in the Opposition by redesigning opposition strategy in a way that can deliver the Disarm America message to the administration. There shall be a march to occupy the District of Columbia in which the marchers leave behind all affiliation. They shall go undistinguished in any way beyond their natural cultural dress. There will be no information nor objects on their persons that could provide to the police any clue as to the purpose of being there. They will simply be there. The disarm message will be conveyed by, um, let me think. E-mail? The goal is one million marchers with no limit and with participation by citizens of all origins. Zionists will be indistinguishable from Quakers.

Anybody who thinks this suggestion is naïve is urged to come up with a better target or a better strategy. And be quick about it.

Our Climate Crisis: Two Heads of the Hydra
Duff Badgley is the leader of the One Earth Climate Action Group and was a candidate for Governor as a Green in 2008. He can be reached at 206-283-0621.

Government and corporations are two heads of the polluting Hydra.

They act in concert. When we resist one, we affect the other. Government support for false solutions is a good example. The smashing early grassroots success of the Massachusetts No Biomass Burn movement shows how government can be forced to blunt corporate ruin of our forests, our wildlife, our water, our air, and our health.
My friends in Massachusetts have gathered more than 103,000 signatures in a petition-drive to stop five biomass incineration plants in their state. They have forced their cause onto the state ballot in 2010 if the Massachusetts legislature does not act on it first.

One the Massachusetts folks recently wrote:

“… these bio-monster plants are popping up like mushrooms on a wet Seattle day all over the country and are being fast-tracked today and something major needs to be done now to pull these massive public subsidies which are propelling us to eco-cide through incentivized deforestation.”

Copenhagen was a game-changer. The Climate Summit showed the bare-fanged destruction the transnational corporations and their colluding clients — our governments — have planned for Our Shared Planet Earth. We must do things differently now, or lose the Livable Earth. It’s time to take off our gloves.

Copenhagen was crucial because it united global government leaders with their corporate handlers. Copenhagen would not have dominated international news for a week if it had been a conference of only corporate polluters — although still a worthy target for us. The climate activist community focused on Copenhagen precisely because both government and corporate polluters were present.

The Arrest Warrant for Barack Obama, coming on the heels of the Chaos at Copenhagen, gives us a splendid chance to ‘crack open the skulls’ of the climate justice movement and radicalize it — while sending shudders through the corporate/government globe-ruining system.

Accusing Obama of murderous acts is strong stuff. It’s supposed to be. A friend recently said it well, “…sometimes it takes startling terms to help us see things in a new light.”

But the Arrest Warrant is startling only because we have forgotten how we stopped a war.

A chant from the Vietnam War Protest era:

“Hey! Hey! LBJ!
“How Many Kids Did You Kill Today?”

More than 40 years ago, we were not afraid to call our president a murderer — a child murderer. Fueled by slogans like this, and by visceral fury, mass protest forced Lyndon Johnson into retirement and forced the end of the Vietnam War.

Barack Obama is a smoother-talking Lyndon Johnson. Johnson pushed murder as government policy. We got rid of Johnson. We stopped that war. We changed the behavior of the ruling corporate/government elite that demands continual war to boost our economy. What will we do with Obama and his corporate handlers and their campaign to visit mass death on Planet Earth?

Where’s our fury today?

From Where I Stand: The Central – and at times lethal – Contradiction in Modern Law Enforcement
“From Where I Stand” is a revolving column currently featuring the writings of Swaneagle Harijan and Dr. Richard Curtis. If you’d like to get in on the act and contribute to this feature, contact editor Trey Smith.

The Central – and at times lethal – Contradiction in Modern Law Enforcement
by Richard Curtis, PhD

Yet again, an armed – and mentally ill – person has ambushed law enforcement officers with lethal consequences (in this latest case to the perpetrator; luckily both officers survived, although one is still in critical care). Law enforcement is aghast and uneasy, for obvious reasons. But, we as a society are none too keen to really look at those reasons.

Obviously we have far too many guns in our society. This can only cause chaos and one wonders if the “gun-nuts” are really just nuts and so don’t get it, or is there some evil at work funding these groups, some evil that profits from chaos.

Guns are not the source of the problem; they just allow the problem to take lethal form. The actual problem has to do with the nature of law enforcement in modern society – which is worsened by economic difficulties. We have traditionally conceived of law enforcement in mythic terms. Law enforcement enforces a moral order it does not create (the rules come from someone other than them, i.e. the legislature).

It may not seem this way on the surface, but what I just wrote is not really true, or even possible in practice. This is the central contradiction in law enforcement and, at crisis points, it takes lethal form. We cannot resolve this contradiction and that is a problem. It is a problem that we don’t want to admit and yet must.

The contradiction is that modern values, dominant since the late 1700’s, view ethics as universal (police enforce laws) but the mythic ideals in which police are imagined and experience are rooted farther back in the past when ethics were not universal (virtue was loyalty to someone, usually the prince or king). The ideal the police occupy in our imagination, and theirs, is that of Knights – loyal and honorable (now somehow loyal to an abstraction, the moral order). Both sorts of values are important, but they contradict and can become a crisis when things go wrong.

When one interacts with the police, they have power that is both de jure (sanctioned by universal principle encapsulated in law) and de facto (they have guns and the power of the state). Even when we are in the wrong, we are aware of both (that is the contradiction). We feel the legitimate power of the state and the actual power of the gun that exists, regardless of its use.

When this power is used illegitimately (or felt, rightly or wrongly, to be so) people come to feel the power of this contradiction. The police are felt to be creating an immoral order, instead of enforcing a moral one. This is the contradiction reaching a crisis. Ironically, it cannot be completely avoided due to the nature of modern society. Even when that power is used legitimately, it can create what feels like a contradiction of its purpose (that universal moral order).

When the contradiction becomes profound in a person, it becomes a crisis. People who have been abused by the system feel the full force of this contradiction (people who witness those incidents or hear about them feel it to varying degrees). To be honest, our judicial system works most of the time, but spectacularly badly enough that we cannot call it fair. This is the contradiction as it exists for us now. Most of us manage this fine, in part because we feel we cannot change it and more importantly have some sense of the part of the contradiction that actually cannot be resolved. People with mental illness cannot mange many things the way most do, and so it is with this. The reason someone would target random police officers is because this contradiction, now crisis, is felt to be systemic and not individual – and that is not a rational response, but it is predictable.

People are complex. Life is complex. Still, I believe these crises are avoidable. They are not easily avoidable as the causes are deeply rooted and multifaceted, but they can, with effort and planning, be avoided. Our task now is to try, before more innocent people die just for wearing a uniform.

This Week in History
This Week in History, published by Carl Bunin and edited by Al Frank, is a collection designed to help us appreciate the fact that we are part of a rich history advocating peace and social justice. While the entries often focus on large and dramatic events there are so many smaller things done everyday to promote peace and justice. Find more info at

December 29, 1890: The U.S. Army killed approximately 300 Oglala Sioux at Wounded Knee, in the new state of South Dakota. The 7th Cavalry (Custer’s old command) fired their artillery amidst mostly unarmed women, children, and fleeing men. The Wounded Knee Massacre was the final major military battle in the genocide against Native Americans. 18 soldiers received Congressional Medals of Honor for their “bravery.”

December 30, 1936: Members of the United Automobile Workers sat down at a General Motors plant in Flint, Michigan. GM, the world’s largest corporation at the time, had refused to recognize or negotiate with the union, despite passage of the National Labor Relations Act (Wagner Act) in 1935 which promised unions the right to organize. The local’s membership adopted a tactic developed by French workers. Instead of picketing outside a factory only to be ignored or forcibly cleared away, the sit-down strike enabled workers to halt production and seize the plant “from the inside.” The strike began just days after the end of a successful sit-down at Ford supplier Kelsey-Hayes.

January 2, 1975: A U.S. Court ruled that John Lennon and his lawyers be given access to Department of Immigration and Naturalization files regarding his deportation case, to determine if the government case was based on his 1968 British drug conviction, or his anti-establishment comments during the years of the Nixon administration. On October 5, 1975, the U.S. Court of Appeals overturned the order to deport Lennon, and he was granted permanent residency status.

Pencil Shavings: What to Do?
Pencil Shavings appears in this space most weeks and solely represents the opinions of the publisher. If you’d like to read more of Trey’s ruminations, visit The Rambling Taoist.

The news coming out of Washington and beyond is bleak. Heath care reform offers little reform. Financial bailouts of corporate criminals continues unabated. Americans continue to march off to “war,” with many coming home in body bags and even more coming home with maimed bodies and minds. On issue after issue, the powers that be muck up every opportunity to craft legislation and policy that would benefit the mass majority.

What to do?

There is no singular answer, but there IS one answer that simply is not tenable — doing nothing!!

There is talk of resurrecting the Green Party of Washington State (GPoWS). I will not be part of that process, but more power to those who desire it. Some people are talking about setting up a PAC to support progressive candidates, regardless of party affiliation. I say, go for it. Others are committed to direct action and I tip my hat to them. In the end, it doesn’t really matter to me what each individual chooses to do to advocate for progressive change…before it’s too damn late. The only thing that DOES matter is that we each choose something.

If not, there is no hope and, where there is no hope, there is death.


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December 21 – 27

Posted by Trey Smith on December 22, 2009

Greener Times for the Week of December 21 – 27
Volume 4 No. 36
an e-publication for Greens anywhere and everywhere

Greener Times Collective: Maryrose Asher, Duff Badgley, Tom Herring and Trey Smith (Editor)

In This Week’s Issue
* For Your Consideration…
* Thoughts By the Way: A Favorable Climate
* Our Climate Crisis: Arrest Warrant for Barack Obama, President of the United States
* From Where I Stand: Swaneagle Harijan – Youth In Action: Dine and Hopi Frontline of Global Warming
* This Week in History
* Unspinning the Spin: Capitol Power Plant & Cap-And-Trade

For Your Consideration…
Monsanto Named Worst Corporate Climate Lobbyist

Biotech giant Monsanto has been criticised for its aggressive corporate lobbying on climate change at the Copenhagen summit. In a public vote organised by an alliance of NGOs, including Friends of the Earth and Spinwatch, the US agricultural company came out ahead of oil giant Shell and the American Petroleum Institute. Monsanto was nominated for its promotion of genetically modified (GM) crops as a solution to climate change and for pushing its crops to be used as biofuels. According to the alliance, the expansion of GM soy in Latin America is contributing to major deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions…

Resisting the Dangerous Allure of Global Warming Technofixes
In the summer of 2006, geoengineering — the radical proposal to offset one human intervention into planetary systems with another — came roaring out of the scientific closet. Deliberate climate modification, as climate scientist Wally Broecker once noted, had long been “one of the few subjects considered taboo in the realm of scientific inquiry.” Two things spurred this dramatic reversal: growing alarm because climate change was hitting harder and faster than expected and the abysmal failure of political efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Indeed, since world leaders signed the Rio Convention on Climate Change in 1992, global emissions climbed from 6.1 billion metric tons of carbon a year to 8.5 billion tons in 2007. Dismayed by the inaction, Paul Crutzen, a Nobel laureate, published a controversial paper in August, 2006 that opened the door to the hitherto unthinkable…

A ‘Dow Jones’ Index for the World’s Climate
The International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme (IGBP) has attempted to cut through the confusion surrounding climate change data by releasing a single graph based on a range of different climate change indicators, including global average temperatures and Arctic sea-ice coverage. In creating what the scientists behind it describe as a ‘Dow Jones index’ for the world’s climate, the IGBP says the Climate Index graph is ‘unequivocal, global… and is in one direction’…

Thoughts By the Way: A Favorable Climate
Tom Herring is a former Vashon Island Community Council member, but now chooses to sort nails in his shop. Catch more of Tom’s thoughts on his blog.

The most important act for wealthy countries at Copenhagen would be to help low-lying countries cope. That’s because nothing any country can do will perceptibly slow climate change. The next important act is to stop screwing up. It now is more important to live right than to bandage wrongs: to quit building dreamliners and airport parking garages, quit fueling cars with living carbon, quit making internal combustion automobiles, quit creating markets for rare earth elements, quit buying fresh fruit from across the globe, quit NAFTA, quit protecting the financial sector, and quit US designs on other peoples lands. And how’s this for “cutting the ribbon” on doing right: let’s hear a drum roll for the announcement that the US will de-commission all ICBM silos. No? then let’s all run outside and start screaming.

As to climate change, either science does not know how to teach, or science is gagged. As it is, a majority of the public including Alexander Cockburn thinks that the current warming is natural. And dust devils like the pirated science e-mails easily blind us. The error in teaching is omission of the full story of carbon. The following is taken mostly from a book about ice corings.

Creation of a livable climate and life is the story of the where and the what of carbon. Four billion years ago all the carbon was upstairs. The amount of the element has never changed, but in various chemical forms the amounts in land, sea, and “air” have changed constantly. By four hundred million years ago, atmospheric carbon had fallen to a level engendering oxygen-breathing life. Dinosaurs roamed. An event then occurred in which the temperature shot up more than 10 Celsius, that’s 18 Fahrenheit. Dinosaurs died. By four million years ago the temperature and atmospheric carbon had come back down, and there appeared modern life, albeit some links missing. Since four hundred thousand years ago the modern story of carbon has been read from ice corings. The corings reveal that atmospheric carbon dioxide has been nearly constant, cycling between 200 and 300 parts per million with a period of 100,000 years. Ice has advanced and retreated in conjunction. This cyclic behavior is the result of a slight precession of the earth’s orbit. Although next to nothing, the effect on the earth becomes appreciable by repetition. Time has its due, you see. Nowadays we are in one of those 100,000 year warming/coolings, or more accurately, we had been in one.

People like Cockburn, who are born for the purpose of pinning puffery to the wall and who have correctly pinned Al Gore, are doing the public a disservice in making too much of that slight eccentricity in the earth’s orbit. Worse are the multitude who deny evident fact in order to justify their new cars and their god-given right to bottled water. The slag from the blast furnace at Copenhagen is as painful to follow as the daily misinformation peddled and passed on by pundits. Christopher Hayes for example writes in The Nation that “cap and trade” is good, and that the administration is mistaken in trying to pass off climate legislation as jobs legislation. Huh? Science is gagged, and punditry is pound foolish. Atmospheric carbon is 90 points above its natural level of 300. An iceberg the size of Rhode Island had melted off of Antarctica. People in Bangladesh are shin deep in the Indian Ocean. James Hanson says that the best thing the conference at Copenhagen can do is fail. To you, Duff.

Alley, R.B.: The Two-Mile Time Machine
Climate Fog, The Nation, December 21/28

Our Climate Crisis: Arrest Warrant for Barack Obama, President of the United States
Duff Badgley is the leader of the One Earth Climate Action Group and was a candidate for Governor as a Green in 2008. He can be reached at 206-283-0621.

As President of the United States before and during the COP15 Climate Summit of December, 2009, you willfully and knowingly engaged in criminal behavior that: (1) will greatly worsen our unfolding global Climate Crisis; (2) will result in the deaths of millions of humans and other creatures; (3) severely threatens the lives of your own children; and (4) continues and extends the lethal, planet-ruining practices of your criminal predecessor, George W. Bush. Your criminal indictment:

1. You directed U.S. COP15 negotiators to introduce a proposal to reduce U.S. greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 4% by the year 2020, based on 1990 levels.
2. You knew when you directed these negotiators to make this proposal that the International Panel on Climate Change had estimated that GHG reductions of 25% to 40% below 1990 levels are needed by 2020 to avoid greater than 2C degrees of global warming.
3. You knew, prior to COP15, that the United Nations Secretariat had predicted a reduction in GHG emissions of only 4% by the year 2020 based on 1990 levels will lead to a 3C degree rise in global warming and to a concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide of 550 parts per million (ppm).
4. You knew, prior to COP15, that independent scientists have concluded a reduction in GHG emissions of only 4% by the year 2020 based on 1990 levels would result in atmospheric carbon dioxide soaring to over 750 ppm and to 3.9 C of global warming.
5. You knew, prior to COP15, that rises greater than 2C of global warming will likely trigger dangerous and runaway climate conditions, threatening to turn the Earth into a forbidding planet unlike that on which human civilization developed.
6. You knew, prior to COP15, that GHG cuts of more than 45% from 1990 levels by 2020 are likely needed to get on a path for the only scientifically credible target for a safe planet: 350 ppm.
7. You have prevented the United States from endorsing 350ppm.
8. You knew, prior to COP15, proposals like the U.S.’s would result in the death or displacement of millions of people and the extinctions of hundreds of thousands (perhaps millions) of species.
9. You knew, prior to COP15, President Mohamed Nasheed, of the Maldives, had called GHG reductions like the U.S. proposal “the logic of the madhouse, a recipe for collective suicide.”
10. You knew, prior to COP15, proposals like the U.S.’s would sign a death warrant for many of the world’s poorest children. Up to 250,000 children from poor communities could die from hostile climate conditions before the next major climate meeting in Mexico at the end of 2010.
11. You knew, prior to COP15, proposals like the U.S.’s would mean, in the words of Sudan’s COP15 delegate, Lumumba Stanislas Dia-ping, the “incineration” of Africa—the land of your father.
12. You knew, prior to COP15, proposals like the U.S.’s would badly harm climates and economies of 106 countries of the Africa Group, the Alliance of Small Island States, the Least Developed Countries Group, the Bolivarian Alliance–those least responsible for causing the Climate Crisis.
13. During COP15, you refused to materially change the U.S. 4% GHG reduction proposal. The summit then failed to achieve any binding GHG reduction targets.
14. These are your crimes. We are the People of the Planet. We demand you stop this criminal behavior, or, like Richard Nixon, resign from office now.

From Where I Stand: Swaneagle Harijan – Youth In Action: Dine and Hopi Front Line of Global Warming
“From Where I Stand” is a revolving column currently featuring the writings of Swaneagle Harijan and Dr. Richard Curtis. If you’d like to get in on the act and contribute to this feature, contact editor Trey Smith.

November 18, 2009 Rick Fellows, his 5 year old daughter Olivia, a young woman Becky Fitzpatrick and i departed on the Blue Green bio-diesel school bus for Big mountain/Black Mesa. As we headed down I-5, we picked up riders who contacted Black Mesa Support, Rick or me via email in Portland, Eugene, Ashland, Berkeley and finally, Flagstaff, arriving with 21 allies on November 21 at the home site of Bessie Begay and her extended family. We made it to one of the major US front lines in the global battle against genocide, coal resource extraction and attendant climate change. We were part of several caravans participating in the yearly Thanksgiving work week supporting traditional Dine resister families hanging on to their old way of life in the face of slow motion genocide.

A circle of supporters from all over the west and the country with a dash of Europeans formed to listen to Dine Elders, their younger relatives and organizers welcome and lay out what needed to be done. The impressive number of over 100 young people was inspiring as the rigorous requirements to even make it that far included a firm commitment to work daily for the entire week to help prepare resisting families for the long, cold winter ahead. Also, a cultural sensitivity packet needed to be read and signed before one joined the caravans to assure greater understanding and less cross cultural difficulties.

Donations of tools, food and warm clothes were neatly laid out on tarps for families to take as they needed. Seeds of Peace had meals going in their well organized kitchen making sure all present were well fed before beginning the week’s work. Some workers stayed at the base camp in tents or hogans while others prepared for at least 5 day stays with families they were assigned to assist. Each supporter was required to arrive self sufficient, including enough food and water to last their entire stint in this remote high desert.

Small work parties were formed and sent to families scattered over the region impacted by Peabody’s drive to expand the largest US coal strip mine in the quest to fuel more coal fired power plants in Page, Arizona and northwestern New Mexico. Under the direction of traditional Dine elders and their families, these young allies repaired rutted roads, replaced sheep corrals, repaired fences, cut and delivered firewood, herded sheep, cooked, cleaned, hauled water and many assorted other tasks keeping subsistence living functioning smoothly.

I spent the week with my dear friend Pauline Whitesinger, a traditional Dine elder resisting Peabody and forced relocation for over 30 years. She asked me to rake the chips and bark scraped from log used in her newly rebuilt hogan. I also kept her fire going, cooked, cleaned, chopped and stacked wood, filled her water buckets from 55 gallon drums even made a batch of fry bread that was actually round for a change.

The week came to a rapid close. Danny Blackgoat, Roberta’s son, gave me a ride to the base camp while Pauline rode with her granddaughter Rachel and her family. We gathered to listen again to Dine elders, their relatives as well as a young Hopi woman who was thrown out of the Hopi Tribal Council meeting recently due to her opposition to the forced removal of traditional Dine, the extraction of coal, the draining of yet another aquifer to slurry the coal to Page and the disrespect given to traditional Hopis aligned with traditional Dine opposing this madness that is key to climate change.

As a supporter and ally of over 25 years, i was asked by Black Mesa organizers to speak as their elder. It deeply moved me and the power of what must be done to truly put an end to genocide once and for all in the Americas came through me with deep soul force. It is my long held belief that privileged white skinned Americans must be willing to risk their very lives to say “NO” to genocide of traditional peoples, the first casualties in greed driven resource extraction, whose suffering since colonialist invasion has been unceasing. I feel called to lay down my life in the authentic tradition of Gandhi and countless others who know in their hearts that soul force remains our truly most honorable weapon, especially among those of us with privilege. Our people have ridden on the backs of the suffering of Indigenous peoples for far too long with few powerful actions on our part to halt this injustice that now threatens all of life.

As i listen to the reports from Copenhagen, i am struck at the missing voices of Indigenous peoples from the southwest who are eloquent in their defense of sacred land for the coming generations. I had hoped that those who have succeeded in making the radar screen of activism with mountain top removal would include this critical facet of resistance to the global climate crisis that already has lost many thousands of lives due to the genocidal forced relocation. Coal extraction, no matter where it occurs is directly tied to ALL coal extraction and it ALL must be stopped. We have a particular duty to seek out, hear and heed those whose lives have been threatened for over 500 years as they have been speaking the truth of what humanity must do to survive since Europeans first stepped upon shore claiming these then pristine lands for their own selfish purposes.

The week was ended with a prayer by Danny Blackgoat with each person exiting the circle by shaking the hand of Bessie Begay and her family. We boarded the Blue Green biodiesel bus dropping off young people along the way north. Most were deeply satisfied with their week’s work with many considering the seriousness of what must be done to save Indigenous people, sacred lands, and to shape the fate of all life.

P.S. Word is that there will be a bicycle caravan to Black Mesa/Big Mountain next year! Check out for details.

This Week in History
This Week in History, published by Carl Bunin and edited by Al Frank, is a collection designed to help us appreciate the fact that we are part of a rich history advocating peace and social justice. While the entries often focus on large and dramatic events there are so many smaller things done everyday to promote peace and justice. Find more info at

December 21, 1956: The Montgomery, Alabama, public buses were officially integrated. This happened following a successful boycott of city buses led by Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., and initiated by Rosa Parks’s refusal to move to the back of the bus.

December 23, 1944: General Dwight Eisenhower endorsed the finding of a court-martial in the case of Eddie Slovik, who was tried for desertion, and authorized his execution. It was the first such sentence against a U.S. Army soldier since the Civil War, and Slovik was the only man so punished during World War II. He made no secret of his unwillingness to enter combat, but his pleas to be reassigned to noncombat status were rejected. Eisenhower ordered that Slovik’s execution be carried out to avoid further desertions in the late stages of the war.

December 24, 1865: Months after the fall of the Confederacy and the end of slavery, several veterans of the Confederate Army formed a private social club in Pulaski, Tennessee, called the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). Its first priority, declared in its creed, was “to protect the weak, the innocent, and the defenseless from the indignities, wrongs, and outrages of the lawless, the violent, and the brutal.” In fact, the Klan terrorized and killed former slaves, sympathetic whites and immigrants.

Unspinning the Spin: Capitol Power Plant & Cap-And-Trade
Maryrose Asher is a former Chair of the Green Party of Washington State and a tireless activist of many causes. Her column will appear periodically in GT.

In the past, I have for the most part deferred writing about climate change or related subjects as the expert on the GT panel of writers is without doubt Duff Badgley. However, something caught my eye recently regarding the Capitol Power Plant in Washington, DC, that I thought would be of interest to readers of Greener Times.

As background, the Capitol Power Plant was built in 1910 to supply electricity for the US Capitol and other buildings in the Capitol complex under the terms of an act of Congress (April 28, 1904). Since 1952, the Capitol Power Plant no longer provides electricity but continues to supply steam and cooled water. Data from the year 2006 shows that the Capitol Power Plant burned 17,108 tons of coal and produced 60,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

From an October 6, 2008, Congressional Research Service (CRS) report for Congress titled, “Administering Green Programs in Congress: Issues and Options,” by Jacob R. Straus, Analyst on the Congress Government and Finance Division, we learn in order to generate stream the power plant utilizes, on average, a combination of three fuels, natural gas (43%), low-sulfur coal (47%), and fuel oil (10%).

A study by the Clean Air Task Force (June 2004) ranked the Washington Metropolitan Area fifth among US metropolitan areas where health was impacted by power plant emissions. “The study estimates power plant emissions in the Washington Metropolitan Area as a whole produce 515 annual deaths, 524 hospital admissions, and 851 heart attacks.”1

A published report by the Clean Air Task Force, as a result of separate study done in 2002, showed that “disadvantaged groups were found to be especially vulnerable to air pollution; while only 25 percent of the population studied has less than a high school education this group suffers approximately half of the mortality attributed to the plants.”2 It is important to note that in this 2002 study, THE CAPITOL POWER PLANT WAS NOT INCLUDED IN THE STUDY.

However, the Capitol Power Plant is responsible for 65 percent of the particulate matter (PM2.5) most closely associated with human health effects.

The US government, therefore, owns a coal-burning power plant known to be responsible, as stated above, for 515 annual deaths, 524 hospital admissions, and 851 heart attacks, and this from data gathered over five years ago!

Even more interesting is how Congress decided to solve the problem or, better said, assuage its collective duty to shut down the plant.

From a story in the Washington Post by Jonathan Weisman dated November 5, 2007, “Capitol to Buy Offsets in Bid to Go Green,” we find that “Daniel Beard, the House’s chief administrative officer will cut a taxpayer-funded check today for $89,000 to buy credits that will offset the impact of 30,000 tons of carbon belched into the atmosphere by the US Capitol’s antiquated, coal-burning power plant every year.”

The article goes on to state,

Buying pardons for its offenses is, however, thanks to the growing market for carbon offsets. You simply turn over some money, and the offsetters promise to absolve your sins by putting it to use on green technologies, planting trees, pumping carbon dioxide underground and the like. But the carbon-offset trade is only as good as the offsetters’ word and the market’s police force. Beard will make his purchase on the Chicago Climate Exchange, which administers a voluntary cap-and-trade system, in which North American Participants pledge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Companies that reduce more than their pledge can sell their good deeds on the market to those, like the US Capitol, who are not doing so well.

As to how this carbon offset system worked, a Washington Post article by David A. Fahrenthold, “Value of US House’s Carbon Offsets Is Murky,” dated January 28, 2008, questioned the logic of purchasing carbon offsets and states the money spent may not have produced the desired benefits. The article traced some of the money to the following:

  • Money went to farmers in North Dakota for tilling practices that keep carbon buried in the soil. But some farmers were already doing this, for other reasons, before the House paid a cent.
  • Funds went to Iowa where a power plant has been temporarily re-jiggered to burn more cleanly, but the test project had ended more than a year before the money arrived.

On January 14, 2008, a letter from the House Committee on Energy and Commerce and the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations sent a letter to Comptroller General David M. Walker requesting that the Government Accounting Office (GAO) examine the carbon credits marketplace. The GAO report came out in the summer of 2008.

On July 29, 2008, the minority leader requested that the Speaker “immediately relieve House Chief Administrative Officer Dan Beard of his duties in part because Mr. Beard spent $90,000 to purchase carbon credits on the Chicago Climate Exchange.”

At a Senate Rules Committee Energy Efficiency Hearing (pg. 16-17), we have the following criticism of carbon offsets leveled by one senator:

Yes, I am very skeptical about carbon offsets. I could put it pleasantly, but I might as well just put it bluntly. The opportunities for scamming that thing are huge, and the question I have been unable to get anybody to answer for me when we have gotten into that area is: How do you know that the person who plants a tree in order to provide the carbon offset would not have planted the tree anyway? And, indeed, I have heard from some farmers who have said, “You know, I just got an insight into a major new income stream for me, because as I was out planting trees, somebody came up and said, ‘Can we buy the planting of your trees to sell as carbon offsets?’” And he said, “I would have planted the trees anyway, but now I can get some money for doing something that would have happened anyway.” And when I raised that with some people, they say, “Oh, well, we are going to investigate that.” We are going to have to be sure that there is, in fact, a real carbon offset rather than a scam.

So, dear readers, we have the precedent of the US government, in order to deflect its responsibility, having used cap-and-trade in response to criticism by environmentalists and health experts. Instead of shutting down this antiquated coal-burning monstrosity, primarily due to obstructionists within Congress from coal-producing states, Congress went the route of carbon offsets and personally found they simply do not work.

Will this end the cap-and-trade discussions now going on in the Senate? Not likely, if a December 14, 2009, post by James Murray on Business is correct: “Moderate Democrats and Republicans increasingly confident they can secure the 60 votes needed to pass cap-and-trade legislation.”

1. Dirty Air, Dirty Power: Mortality and Health Damage Due to Air Pollution from Power Plants, Conrad G. Schneider, Abt Associates, June 2004, sponsored by Clean Air Task Force; Synopsis.
2. Health Impacts of Air Pollution from Washington, DC Power Plants, “Clean Air Task Force, May 2002.

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