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Inadvertent Keystrokes: It’s ALL About Race

Posted by Trey Smith on October 22, 2008

In recent days, both the Obama campaign and the media have accused the McCain camp of playing the race card.  McCain & Palin have been shown on camera using code words like “welfare” and “redistribution of wealth”.  It is said that both are trying to make whites think twice about voting for the man from Illinois by using words that conjure up stereotypical racial images.

While I think there’s no question that this is precisely what McCain and Palin are trying to do, the issue of race has permeated the entire campaign season.  While few people have focused on the issue of race, it has dictated the way the media — both mainstream and alternative — has reported.

If you might think otherwise, then I suggest you consider how the two presidential and two vice presidential candidates have been covered.  The media has gone after John McCain and Sarah Palin with great ferocity.  Every word uttered is dissected over and over again.  Every appearance is analyzed times ten.  Even Hillary Clinton during the primary and Sen. Joe Biden in the present have been scutinized beyond belief.

For the most part, Barack Obama has been given a free pass.  And the sole reason the media has not gone after Obama like everyone else is because no one in the media wants to be accused of racially-biased reporting.  So, the media has bent over backwards in their coverage of the Democratic nominee — so much so that it amounts to self-censorship.

For me, this explains why Obama can look into the TV cameras and decry that John McCain wants to give hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks to the upper 5%, while at the same time, Obama is one of the biggest champions of the current bailout scheme.   Under Barack’s urging, a sufficient number of Democrats switched their votes to ensure passage of the Bush Administration’s $700 billion taxpayer-financed corporate giveaway.

But $700 billion is just the tip of the iceberg.  On the news today, I heard that the government — over the objections of most Republicans — plans to release another $300 billion!  Folks, when you add up the money that was doled out BEFORE the $700 billion and the additional funds being given away now, we’re talking about over $1 TRILLION of yours and my money.

John McCain wants to give corporate special interests tax breaks so they can keep more money in their pockets.  Barack Obama merely wants to hand them the money outright.  I don’t know about you, but it sounds to me like six one way and half a dozen the other.  The end result of these two strategies is eerily similar, yet the media is hammering away at McCain’s position only.

Fear of being labeled a racist or racially-biased is allowing Barack Obama to peddle what — in any other election year — would be a suicidal strategy for a Democratic presidential candidate.


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