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Colville National Forest Public Meeting

Posted by Trey Smith on October 21, 2008

When: Saturday, November 1, 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Where: Republic Elementary School Auditorium, 30306 E Highway 20 in Republic, WA
Contact: Crystal Gartner, 509-747-1663

For the first time ever, the Colville National Forest is asking the public for input on which of 21 Inventoried Roadless Areas (IRA’s) it should recommend to Congress for Wilderness designation. If you use and enjoy the hiking trails, native fish and wildlife, and natural beauty of northeast Washington, now is the time to have your view counted.

Please come to a workshop meeting and support Recommended Wilderness status for these remaining, rare wild lands of the Colville National Forest. Recommended Wilderness is an important part of a balanced forest plan, and will give roadless areas added protection until Congress has the chance to consider designating them as Wilderness.  Wilderness is the best assurance that at least a few places will remain wild, free, and safe from development, illegal ORV vandalism, and other abuses.

The Colville National Forest currently has less than 3% of its 1.1 million acres designated as wilderness, representing less than 1% of wilderness in the entire state. Special places like the Kettle Crest, the stunning wilderness scenery around the Sullivan Lake area, and rare and endangered wildlife­, including lynx, caribou, wolverine, and grizzly bears that call these wild areas home ­are national treasures that should be protected for wildlife and future generations of all Americans.

The Colville National Forest Supervisor and Revision Team are currently hearing from off-road vehicle users, hikers, and other citizens during this public input process. This could be our best chance to secure added protection for the wild lands of the Colville National Forest in almost 25 years. Your voice will make a difference.

Read the Colville National Forest’s wilderness evaluations here.

Please contact Crystal if you plan to attend, would like more information, or want to join a carpool from Spokane.

If you can’t attend this meeting, you can also take action here.


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